Tangible Asset Regulations Conundrum

The unintended consequences of the Tangible Property Regulations are that the IRS has taken Tax Professionals out of the equation of calculating the value of retired assets from previous remodels and renovations where there is limited data.

It’s not that the Tax Professional couldn’t do it on smaller items.  But what about large renovations that removed walls, electrical systems, plumbing.  Do you have defensible method of calculation?  Guessing doesn't qualify as a method.  Why not bring in the experts that have the tools, technologies, and experience to get it done faster and cheaper for your client.  CSSI typically doubles the results for a client over non-experienced Tax Professionals that are taking educated guesses at valuations.

Small and large firms are partnering with CSSI to provide the knowledge, expertise, technology, and engineering processes to perform reliable and affordable Asset Valuation Studies on client’s renovation projects and Cost Segregation Studies on their buildings.

CSSI’s Asset Valuation Process includes:
  • Interview of the Client to define the scope of the project
  • Provide a preliminary Estimate of Savings and Project Cost
  • Engagement of CSSI to perform the study through a site survey, examination of plans, pictures, and interviews of owners
  • Produce an IRS compliant report with all information that a CPA or Tax Professional needs to file.
  • Assist the Tax Professional with the 3115
  • Handle the 3115 from start to finish if  necessary
  • Provide personnel and resources to defend report results that may be challenged in the future.
Just call us and we can take it from here…start to finish if necessary.

CSSI has a solution for the Conundrum.

Did you ever think the regulations would get so complicated that you would need a team of forensic tax engineers to scrub a depreciation schedule of all the retired building assets? Neither did we. We didn't make the rules, but we welcome the opportunity to become a valued and trusting partner to help you and your clients take advantage of the opportunity to turn those past mounds of debris into piles of cash.

Call your local CSSI rep to discuss how we can be your back office engineering-study team. 

Conundrum Solved.

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